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Frenkel Topping Group is a long-established family of businesses who are tried, tested and trusted. We are always available to provide advice and technical support to our legal Clients and those they represent. We support lawyers and their Clients with a concierge approach to anything they may need throughout the litigation journey.

Our services include:

Expert witness reports

The right expert witness reports are the difference between your Clients getting the pay-out that sees them comfortably living out their days and not.

We offer a range of full CPR qualifying reports ready for court, from our highly professionally trained experts in a range of professions, as well as white label reports to suit your needs. We also provide free viability checks to outline which reports your Client qualifies for, so your time isn’t wasted. We also deliver highly professionally trained experts in a range of health professions.

Frenkel Topping Expert Witness

Forths Forensic Accountants – Expert Witness and White Label Reports

Keystone Expert Witness

Somek and Associates Limited

Welfare benefits advice

Welfare Benefits may increase the Claimant’s income, deferring the need to apply for interim payments to help with daily living costs. This often prevents Clients from feeling pressurised to settle early and take an unfair settlement deal. Our specialists have experience spanning Citizens Advice and Headway’s Heston and Chorley welfare benefits line, as well as experience in national welfare benefits structure. Our team can also help Clients to reclaim the cost of the benefits during mitigation. In addition, we enable Claimants to have benefits above a certain amount checked automatically post-settlement.

Personal injury trusts advice

For Clients coming into sums of money, we offer smart solutions to keep their finances safe and secure, throughout every walk of life.

We offer support setting up Trust Bank Accounts, and where appropriate offer investment advice for Clients hoping to make their money go further.

Frenkel Topping Independent Financial Advisers

Legal costs

We deliver a full range of legal cost services, which includes: Legal costs, Court of Protection, Civil and Commercial, Inter Partes and Legal Aid.

Partners in Costs

Bidwell Henderson

A&M Bacon

Holistic financial planning

If you or your Client is due to receive compensation from a personal injury or clinical negligence claim, you may benefit from a complete financial health check. We offer specialist advice to those most vulnerable following accident or negligence claims. Our range of holistic financial planning services help assess Clients’ individual financial situations and build flexible plans for the future.

Frenkel Topping Independent Financial Advisers

Expert fund management

We offer a range of managed portfolios, each of which can be tailored to meet individual Clients’ needs in terms of risk rating, required rate of return over a chosen time period, and preference for capital growth, regular income, or a mix of the two.

Contact us to find out more about our Responsible and Sharia-compliant offerings.

Ascencia Investement Management

Accountancy advice

Forths Forensic Accountants provide specialist advisory and reporting services to assist in quantifying complex quantum elements in a wide range of legal disputes.

Equatas Accountants provides general accountancy and tax advice to Clients to ensure that their tax affairs are structured correctly and reported to HMRC in accordance with established deadlines.

Forths Forensic Accountants

Care & case management

Keystone Case Management is a clinically led case management and expert witness company providing expertise in the assessment and management of complex health and social care needs for Clients following catastrophic, life changing injuries.

Our case managers work to our Clients’ wishes, supporting them to achieve their goals.

Our experts work to the Civil Procedure Rules, providing evidence to aid the Court in the quantification of damages awarded to catastrophically injured Clients.

Keystone Case Management

N-Able is a professional service firm providing Case Management and Care Expert reports focussing on providing specialist, bespoke rehabilitation and lifestyle programmes tailored to the specific needs of its underlying clients. Founded in 2002 in response to the growing demand for bespoke, specialist Case Management services to support those who had experienced catastrophic injuries N-Able Service Ltd is now one of the largest independent Case Management providers in the UK.

N-Able Services


We support patients who have suffered complex injuries and who might benefit from advice, support, rehabilitation or guidance. Our services are designed to ensure patients and their families can gain rapid access to all available services from public/state, charity and private sectors that might help them make the best possible


Expert training for expert practitioners. The Knowledge Hub, Frenkel Topping Group’s training academy, delivers free virtual and face-to-face training to our professional Clients. Helping you stay up to speed and informed. We also offer topical seminars from our Director of Training and Insight Professor Dominic Regan. Frenkel Topping Group has always offered free training to professionals and as our family of businesses has grown so has the emphasis we place on developing and investing in our training academy. For more information please email

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Our approach to governance and how the board and it's committees operate.

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Our approach is bespoke and delivered with care, compassion, and integrity.

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