Our Values

Our values sum up what we do and, more importantly HOW we do it

Age old good manners. Treat others as you want to be treated

We’ve built an army of passionate and empathetic people who go the extra mile for their clients and their team. Our caring gene is at the heart of every interaction we have. We deliver an end-to-end human experience.

Strive for better

As individuals and as a team, we’re inspired by our clients who show resilience every day. We’re always learning! From each other, from our mistakes and our achievements. We’ve always got each others’ backs!

Our agility, our work ethic and our appetite for solving problems mean we always find a way. We’re always striving to be our best selves.

Straight talking expertise

The world of finance, litigation, investments and costs can be complex but we are easy to work with.

We’re a team of good people doing the right thing, always.

We don’t do jargon and we’ve no time for inflated egos.

We’re pro-active and responsive and we go above and beyond to make our clients’ lives easier.

Always deliver with care

We’re always honest. We do what we say we’ll do and we do it with great care and expertise.

We are proud of our clients and our people and we honour the trust they put in us by delivering outstanding service and creating an amazing place to work.

Everyone and their story

We treat our clients and each other as individuals and we take the time to ‘walk in that person’s shoes’ to understand how we can provide support. We assume good intentions and we always bring a positive outlook.

Never stand still

We connect communities, champion collaboration in our industry and we’re big on learning and development. We’re big believers in nurturing grassroots talent. We look beyond FTG to do the best by our clients and we plan for the future. We think bigger!

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